Can’t qualify for a mortgage?
You can still move into your new home
in just a few weeks!
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Hamilton Rent to Own Homes– Are you tired of renting?

– Are you ready to own a house of your own but there is something standing between you and your dream of home ownership?

– Would you like to live in the beautiful city of Hamilton, Ontario?

If you answered “Yes” to the questions above then we may be able to help you!

Welcome to Hamilton Rent to Own Homes!

Our rent-to-own program is designed to help people who can afford monthly expenses that come with a home ownership but for various reasons can’t qualify for home purchase financing.

An incomplete list of challenges and obstacles that may prevent you from becoming a home owner includes:

  • not having enough money for a downpayment
  • being newly or self employed
  • a compromised credit history
  • being new to the country
  • going through a divorce

To make the situation worse for those who have to postpone buying a home, real estate prices go up much faster than wages can keep up. This makes it extremely difficult to save for a downpayment, since the amount you need to save always goes up. Needless to say, the amount of money you need to borrow from a bank to afford your house goes up as well making it harder and harder for you to qualify for a mortgage with each year.

If you want to buy a house but can’t see a way how you can get a mortgage any time soon then our Rent to Own Program may be just what you were looking for!

How Our Rent to Own Program Can Help You

The Hamilton Rent to Own Homes program offers a creative solution to the situation you are currently in. It allows you to move into your dream home immediately and, practically speaking, “own” it long before you are able to qualify for a mortgage.

How it works is that we buy your house for you and you move in as a “tenant-buyer”. You have a guaranteed option to buy the house later. Your monthly payments are designed to be equal or less than what you would normally pay in rent plus what you would need to be saving for a downpayment. We usually offer you different payment programs to choose from.

There is very little price difference between renting now and saving money to buy a house in a few years, and buying a home with us today through the Hamilton Rent to Own Homes program. There is a big difference though for your lifestyle.

You’ll be able to move in your new home immediately!

The main benefit of a rent to own program is that you get to live in your home today instead of waiting several years.

You will have the time you need to repair any credit issues you may have, stabilize your job situation, finalize you divorce, or address any other issues that prevent you from obtaining conventional financing now. Our rent to own program also makes it easier for you to save money for a downpayment.

We’ll help to make sure you can qualify for a mortgage soon

When you work with Hamilton Rent to Own Homes we do not leave you alone to figure out how to repair your ability to qualify for a mortgage. As a member of our rent to own program your will have free access to our exclusive credit counselling program.

If you choose to take advantage of the credit counselling program we connect you to your personal credit adviser who will work with you on improving your credit situation in the eyes of mortgage lenders. You will learn how to strategically develop your credit history in a way that will allow you to qualify for home financing.

From experience we know that it takes most people 2 to 3 years to fix their credit situation. Given that you follow the advice of your credit counselor, in 2 to 3 years you will be able to qualify for a mortgage and take full formal ownership of your home.

You have 2 options:

There are two ways we can work together to make sure that you move into your new home as soon as possible.

Option 1.

We might already have a house you’d want to move into today!

From time to time we acquire a house or two that in our opinion “have-it-all”. They stand out as a rare find in their price category. It usually takes us a long time to find such houses because we are looking for the best of the best and are willing to put in extra time and effort to find them.

We always invite everyone interested in our rent to own program to have a look at what we currently have available. You may discover that you’ll fall in love with the house you’ll see and would be happy to move in immediately.

Our current immediate rent-to-own option (please click on the link for more information):

Option 2.

We can help you to buy a house of your choice

You may prefer the custom house search option because you can choose exactly what you want in terms of location and house features.

We start from defining your goals. We will decide on the price range and other parameters for your ideal home as well as design a rent to own program that will work for you.

As soon as we come to an agreement on your rent to own program you can immediately start shopping for your new house with our experienced real estate agent. When you find your ideal home we buy it for you. You move in as a “tenant-buyer” and follow your rent to own program till the day you are ready to take over full ownership.

How to Get Started with Your Rent to Own Program

We recommend that you start from checking out our current immediate rent-to-own house. Please fill in our online contact form to let us know that you would be interested to stop by and have a look at the house. We’ll call you back and let you know when we can meet you at the property.

We will give you plenty of time to walk through the house and around it, check every detail, imagine that you live in this house and experience how it would make you feel – this is the best way to determine if this house and you/your family were meant for each other.

You’ll also have a chance to meet us in person and ask any questions about the house we offer at the time, about our rent to own program, or about how we can help in your specific situation.

If you like the property we will provide you with a full breakdown of the rent to own program that comes with this house including all the numbers and options.

It may turn out that this particular house does not fit some of your requirements. It is also possible that another applicant will be selected for this house (in most cases we receive many applications). In this case you can immediately go ahead and start looking for your ideal house with our real estate agent.

We look forward to giving you the keys for your new home!

Please proceed with filling the contact form and we will talk soon…

If you are interested to participate in our rent to own program but for some reasons have to postpone it for later, please still fill in our online contact form. We will send you e-mail updates when a new rent to own home becomes available and you will be able to contact us when you decide to start actively looking for a house.