We look forward to helping you
move into your new home faster!

Your first step towards owning your home through the Hamilton Rent to Own Homes program is to fill out the contact form below to provide us with your contact information and also to let us know a bit about your current situation and goals.

After you submit your information we will send you our educational brochure “A Complete Guide to Rent-to-Own”. This brochure is likely to answer all questions you might have about a rent to-own approach to home ownership. You will also receive instructions on how to proceed with your initial assessment and application.

If you indicate that you want to see our current immediate rent to own home we will also call or e-mail you to let you know when we can meet you at the property.

Please note that in order to qualify for our rent to own program you need to have gross (before tax) combined family income of at least $7,000 per month ($84,000 per year) at the time of the buyout and no less than $6,000 per month ($72,000 per year) at the time of entering the program. For some houses the required income can be higher.

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